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Noobs Own resigning as Owner.

by Noobs Own - Mon, 01 Apr 2019 07:27:10 +0000

Big Announcement. Hello everyone. I am going to announce that I am resigning as owner of Immortal. As some of you know, paypal decided to permanently lock my account with no reason. Therefor I wasn't able to pay the modeler for new models, I wouldn't be able to pay for the webhost/vps host, I wouldn't be able to pay for Jonny to do development for Immortal. As I love Immortal and the whole community here, I didn't intend on taking down Immortal. So after talking with Jonny, I can gladly announce that he will be the new owner of Immortal. He will keep on developing for immortal, work on advertisements and much more to assure everyone that Immortal will thrive to become one of the best custom rsps out there! I will miss being owner of Immortal, but I know it's in good hands so I can sleep with a good conciousnous.    Have a good time, and keep Immortal strong! ~Noobs Own. ...

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Update log #6 (Huge)

by Noobs Own - Sun, 17 Mar 2019 21:26:06 +0000

Hello, In this update there is a lot of new content added. I would also like to announce that Jonny now is a full-time developer for Immortal instead of a part-time developer, so updates will start happening a lot more frequently. Content Updates Fixed sirenic equip and inventory models. (regular, barrows-dyed, third-age-dyed, shadow-dyed and blood-dyed). Added blood dye + Code for blood-dyed sirenic. (blood dye unavailable until I get all blood-dyed models donne). Added the 99+ Skilling zone Added the 5 custom 99+ skilling trees to the zone. Logs can be used to sell for some nice cash. You can burn the logs for some additional firemaking xp! You can fletch the logs into unstrung bows wich are worth more then the logs! String the bows to maximize your profit! when I get the models other 99+ skills will be released, this will be a long but ongoing progress. 99+ slayer portal has been added to the zone     Run toggle now gets saved when relogging. Billz store is added to skilling zone.  Ascension crossbows are now the range equivalents of drygores. (require both main and off-handed version to hit x2). Available in the donation store. Added new custom mystery box. Available in donation store. Almost 100% chanse of recieving a cosmetic. Added a new custom cosmetic zone, you can grind here for all sorts of cool cosmetics! ...

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by Noobs Own - Sun, 10 Feb 2019 18:11:25 +0000

  Welcome to the immortal 667 Youtuber Event. This event will be hosted and judged by the entire staff team. For this event to payout these insane prizes! If you want to participate in the event your video's need to be qualified enough by meeting these following requirements: - The Video has to be a new video made after the event has been posted!  - Your video will be judged on the following: Professionalism for example: Your title, Description and the tags you use on your video submission ect. Subscriber count and views do NOT matter, we want to see you grow as a youtuber in our community and we give everyone an equal chance to win! - Your Description should include at least a link to the immortal667 website and discord. - Another way you will be judged: Is the effort believed that you have put forth on the video. - The video needs at least a resolution of 720p HD, If you don't want to talk in your video, make a montage. Typing ingame does not count as quality content, as it is boring to read all the chat. The event will last till : 1st of April 2019 1st place will win: Drygore set of choise  + Automatic lootbanker +  L33t donator rank/500 redeems if you already have the rank. 2nd Place will win:  Twisted bow +  L33t donator rank/500 redeems if you already have the rank. 3rd Place will win: L33t donator rank/500 redeems if you alreaddy have the rank + 5 ultra-rare mystery boxes.   ~Sincerely, the Immortal  Staff ...

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