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by Noobs Own - Sat, 24 Nov 2018 20:39:31 +0000

The Real start of Immortal 667 is now! Hello everyone. I know that out of the nowhere there was an eco reset and server downtime of 2 days. There are multiple reasons for this. The co-owner is no longer part of the team, I did not like the way he inteded the server to be, therefor I reworked the eco and stats on armours and weapons. So what does this mean? This means that you will no longer be able to have a 10t yell value after a week, money will be harder to make and a longer grind, however it makes it more fair for the beginning players to grow because the older players aren't running around in super overpowered gear with trillions yell value. Therefor new players will more likely stay for a longer period of time. For the older players it also means that they have to grind longer to achiever there high and armour and weapon upgrades. Where are we currently at? The 22nd of November, I decided to swap over all the files to a new VPS, together with that the ex co-owner doesn't have acces anymore to any of the files, however I do recommand everyone to change their password just to be sure. In those 2 days offline time, there was a lot of work put in to redo the eco system. I ofcourse didn't do this alone and therefor would love to introduce everyone to Jonny who is the new developer for Immortal 667, he has worked on some big projects in the past and has very high skills. Thanks to Jonny, today at the 24th of November we were able to relaunch the server...

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Teleports Revamp, Launcher, Bug Fixes

by Jonny - Fri, 30 Nov 2018 18:41:45 +0000

Hello everyone, In this update we have a major revamp to the teleports. They now lightup and are named to their correct category (boss, minigames, etc). A launcher has also been released for you to be able to quickly download a new client when a client update is released. I have colored the more important updates for you to easily read them. Game updates: Killstreak message changes: They now will appear formatted correctly When you kill a player it will now say your current killstreak next to your total kills Your killstreak will now only announce globally when you are over 5 killstreaks instead of every kill You can now teleport while in combat There was a system that prevented you from doing this with some teleports. The system that censored your text when you would say specific words is now removed. The messages that would appear above your head/in chat box when using ::empty, trading or banking have been removed. When you login while in the wilderness you will no longer teleport out of the wilderness. You can now logout while standing in the wilderness. This will only work if you have been out of combat for atleast 10 seconds. When a staff member logs in, the message announced globally is n ow formatted correctly and doesn't have  _ in their username. When you start your client it will no longer prompt you to update your java versio...

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by Noobs Own - Fri, 07 Dec 2018 22:13:18 +0000

  Welcome to the immortal 667 Youtuber Event. This event will be hosted and judged by the entire staff team. For this event to payout these insane prizes! -The Video has to be a new video made after the event has been posted!  - Your video will be judged on the following: Professionalism for example: Your title, Description and the tags you use on your video submission ect. Subscriber count and views do not matter, we want to see you grow as a youtuber in our community and we give everyone an equal chance to win! - Your Description should include at least a link to the immortal667 website and discord. - Another way you will be judged: Is the effort believed that you have put forth on the video. The event will last till : 01/02/2019 1st place will win: Drygore set of choise  + Automatic lootbanker +  L33t donator rank/500 redeems if you already have the rank. 2nd Place will win:  Twisted bow +  L33t donator rank/500 redeems if you already have the rank. 3rd Place will win: L33t donator rank/500 redeems if you alreaddy have the rank + 5 ultra-rare mystery boxes.   ~Sincerely, the Immortal  Staff team. ...

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